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Join us Tuesday, October 28 for Ela Barton & the Dead Poet Slam

Ela Barton is a queer poet and artist living in Seattle, Washington. She is the 2007 Bainbridge Island Poetry Slam Champion, a four-time finalist of the Seattle Poetry Slam Grand Slam (2009,2010, 2011, 2012) and the first woman to win Jack McCarthy’s Evergreen Invitational (2011). In 2008, Barton placed 23 out of 72 at Women of the World Poetry Slam and in 2013, placed 16 out of 72 at Individual World Poetry Slam. In 2014, Barton was placed first in the Rain City Slam Championship earning her a spot on the first Rain City Slam National Team. At National Poetry Slam 2014, Rain City Slam placed 7th in the nation. Barton has taught Creative Writing and Performance Poetry at Bent: A Queer Writing Institute. Ela has been featured on National Public Radio and CITR 101.9 (A Canadian Radio Show hosted by JC Peters), and King 5 News. Her work has been featured on and Adrienne: A Poetry Journal of Queer Women by Sibling Rivalry Press. She is the current co-slammaster & founder of the Rain City Poetry Slam and adapted the concept of Vancouver’s “Mashed Poetics” to create a similar monthly, music inspired, poetry show, Liner Notes.

Our annual Halloween celebration where we break regular slam rules and get spooky! Poets MUST read the work of a poet who has passed. Dressing like said poet is ENCOURAGED. This is a great chance to honor poets who have come before us and have a lot of fun in the process.
1114 Howell St
Doors @ 8
Open mic @ 8:30
Slam @ 9

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