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Join us Tuesday, April 19th for Stephen Meads and our IRON POET SLAM!!

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Stephen Meads is a small child that lives in a pointy house and dreams of becoming a turnip. Stephen has opinions about burritos. Stephen wears socks and has achieved little to nothing despite having done things like performing in states like Florida, Maine, the southern part of the country, Canada, Hawaii, which is also a state in the United States, and northern Seattle. He has a smattering of publishing credits in and on things like NAILED magazine, the Chinatown Newspaper, and a BART train on the Pittsberg/Bay Point line. Also cats!!
The IRON POET SLAM is our last specialty slam of the season. Fashioned after Iron Chef, Seattle Poetry Slam & special guest, DJ WHATEVER have come up with a series of raucous and unpredictable challenges to test our poets on performance and writing. This only happens once a year and is always a wild evening! Poets competing in the Grand Slam on Saturday, April 23 MUST compete in a Specialty Slam this season and this is their last chance to do so!

Doors open at 7:00

Show starts at 7:30


1114 Howell St


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