Seattle's Longest Running Weekly Show!


Join us Tuesday, April 21st for Mike Hodges & a SLAM


Michael Hodges moved to Seattle in 2009 and promptly stopped writing poetry in order to devote himself to study, teaching, work, and activism. He began writing again in 2012, and performing shortly thereafter; he’s been doing both with relative consistency since. He is the current co-slammaster for Rain City Slam and former interim slammaster for Seattle Poetry Slam; his writings have appeared in Drunken Boat, Magma, and other publications. In the spare hours between writing sessions, Michael busses tables, wrangles reading machines, and works with the bioregionalist nonprofit CascadiaNow!. He also attempts to spend time with the people close to him, with wildly varying degrees of success. Sometimes he sleeps.

For FUN! For GLORY! For ART! For $25! This slam gets you no points towards ANYTHING. Unless you believe in some sort of God of Art and Scoresheets who will give you some points for Doing Cool Shit. They would totes give you points for this.
1114 Howell St
Doors @ 8
Open mic @ 8:30
Slam @ 9

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